Common Name: Lemon
Botanical Name: Citrus Limonum Linne
Growing Area: Worldwide

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General Info:
The Lemon is grown on a small evergreen tree with dark green, oval shaped leaves. The flowers of the Lemon are small and cream-colored, with five petals and a pleasant fragrance. The Lemon fruit is oval shaped and has a bumpy textured rind and a bright yellow color when ripened. The Lemon is most commonly cultivated for its juice, although the rind and pulp are also sometimes used. Famous for its sour taste, Lemon is frequently used in cooking and baking, as well as to make the popular drink lemonade. However, the Lemon hasn't always been so common. In ancient times, kings presented one another with rare Lemons as gifts.

Nutrients & Applications:
The Lemon is a very good source of Vitamin C! This important vitamin has been shown to help support the immune system, as well as possibly enhancing iron absorption. Vitamin C intake may also promote cardiovascular and respiratory health in some individuals. Research also shows that Vitamin C may be a vital component in promoting bone health. These yellow and tangy fruits are also a good source of Potassium and Folate, and according to research, may possess some anti-microbial properties. Evidence also shows that consumption of foods rich in Vitamin C like the Lemon may be beneficial to overall health.*

Lemon on the tree
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