Mangosteen Fruit


Common Name: Mangosteen
Botanical Name: Garcinia mangostana L.
Growing Area: Thailand, Malaysia, South China, India, Puerto Rico

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General Info:
The Mangosteen tree only grows in tropical environments with temperatures between 40º to 100º F (5º-38º C). The fruits can be picked when they are slightly unripe. But the fruit must be fully developed or else it will not fully ripen after picking. A ripe Mangosteen fruit can stay fresh for up to four weeks when stored between 40º to 55º F (5º-13º C). In local growing areas, fresh Mangosteen fruit is often consumed for dessert.

Nutrients & Applications:
The xanthones in Mangosteen are very potent antioxidants. Research has shown that these xanthones can have a positive effect on maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Scientists in India and Japan began investigating Mangosteen in the 1990s and demonstrated that Mangosteen has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. As an ointment, it is applied to help promote healthy skin. The Mangosteen rind decoction is also used to support bowel health and promote bladder and urinary tract health. Several independent lab studies are now investigating the use of Mangosteen in OTC drugs.*

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