Cupuacu Fruits


Common Name: Cupuacu
Botanical Name: Theobroma grandiflorum
Growing Area: Amazon rainforest

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General Info:
The Cupuacu tree grows 5 to 15 meters high and produces a brown, oblong fruit the size of a cantaloupe. Cupuacu fruits have a skin similar to kiwi, and a creamy, uniquely fragrant pulp. The flavor of the pulp is described like a cross between banana and lime. Cupuacu is used to make juice, ice cream and other sweets, and is very popular in South American cities. This fruit also has many other uses. Being a relative of Cacao, Cupuacu can be used as a healthy and delicious alternative to chocolate and products containing chocolate. The butter also has excellent emollient properties and is often used in cosmetics.

Nutrients & Applications:
Loaded with many different types of antioxidants. Not only does it supply many of the polyphenols usually found in green tea or grapes, it also contains a remarkably potent type of polyphenols called theograndins. Cupuacu is also rich in several other antioxidants such as vitamin A and C, and is rich in essential fatty acids. Cupuacu is used to help with anti-aging and strengthening the immune system.*

Cupuacu Fruit
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